I Don’t Understand Normal, Adult Relationships

by Julian Moon

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please do not take these as a representation of my current abilities as a musician. this EP is some songs i've made that aren't ever gonna end up finished or polished, but I still kinda dig them, so i put them here. they are what they are, and it's time for me to move on to other things.


released September 1, 2015




Julian Moon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Where good dreams turn bad.

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Track Name: Obedience School II
Wouldn’t it be great to be innocent?
I’m not one to talk
I’m too far gone to be innocent
But I can be your dog

I will go where you go, I will sleep when you sleep
I will muzzle myself and keep my dreams within reach
Lay my head in your lap, I’ll quit drinking and meat
I am unfit for love until I learn to be sweet

Wouldn’t it great to be innocent?
Sometimes I don’t understand
I know I’ll never be innocent
I know I’m not a man

But I can be a good dog, and I can learn to behave
Give me one more chance and I would be your slave
Until I can graduate from obedience school
Where I’ll learn empathy and stop being so cruel

This isn’t who I wanted to be
Track Name: More
I was not a carpenter
On Wikihow I learned my trade
I’ll build one drawer (I’ll build ten more)
until the perfect one’s been made

And under the floor scaled to human size
I’ll muffle the creaks and muffle the cries

He barged into my life one night
While cracking jokes as folks went home
A drink I’d pour, he’d drink four more
I was desperate, I was alone

And now we go home as he rests his eyes
Won’t know where we’re going or learn upon rise
And I’ll keep him warm and I’ll keep him dry
and I’ll keep him safe in the drawer where he lies

I’m not sure I want this dog
I set my standards too far down
I’ll search for whores (I’ll find one more)
And then I’ll store him in the ground
Track Name: Touch 2
Blood stains on the sheets
and on my chest and on the floor in the hall
History repeats
so should I learn to hide or learn to maul?
Close the curtain
Close the curtain

I just wanna tell you that
I never meant to be this bad
I have crawled from hell to chat
and beg and pray that you’re not mad
Close the curtain
The sun is hurtin’

All I ask of you is a moment to see me through
All you want from me is a moment of harmony
All I want from you is your touch

Break my legs and hug me
Tell me that I’ll be your private girl
(Are these games you play?)
Tell me that I need you
Tell me that this dark and pain is my world
(Why have you felt this way?)
Close the curtain
I am never certain